Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1st Post

This is the first official post of this blog, I have always intended to write more but I have been busy moving it along in my hometown, Washington D.C.  I went through various title names before I decided to use "Global Tunnel", I created the name while riding the subway to work, and I thought to myself, *I can't wait to get out of this tunnel, and experience the sunlight*.  Therefore I want to use this venue as a way to shine light on a few pressuring issues and maybe one day we can escape these tunnel of issues and experience the sun set on our global problems.

This is NOT a personal blog; it will be used strictly for issues and interviews & opinions from various non-profits and activist in the DC area on ways to commit to action. This is also NOT the only venue I will use for my writing, I will be reaching out to other venues to write or use my posts, this is just a space to keep an achieve of my writings.

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